God Comes Near

Today is that day. Yup, the first day the Christmas music is on. I’m listening to a new Christmas CD I bought  at a conference this past weekend. Listening and listening.

During the Christmas season we’ll hear all kinds of Christmas sounds. ‘Tis the season for carols in stores, and bells ringing outside. In the natural, the noise of Christmas can become very familiar. Dare I say, it can even become so familiar that we might even get sick of it?


As much as some of us might like to turn down the volume of the Christmas hub bub, I hope we’ll turn up the ringing of Christmas in our souls and spirits. I’ll admit, the older I get, the more I desire to slow down and be quiet. Especially at Christmas.

I dream of a mountain cabin with a cozy fire, beautiful tree, and plenty of hot chocolate.  This dream may or may not involve children. It may or may not involve any other humans at all. There is some wildlife…and a cozy couch though. It’s so nice, peaceful and quiet in my dream. Oh, did I mention how quiet it is? It also smells a lot like peppermint in my dream……zzzzzzzzzz


…… record scratch here…….

Reality is, the Christmas season contradicts this dream in every way. There’s running and running. Parties and more parties. Did you know that People go to parties? And where there are people, there’s noise? Why do those two things always go together? Anyway, I think you get the point. Christmas is often everything but quiet and relaxing.

I can feel myself already starting to tense up a bit. It’s like taking a deep breath before jumping into a pool of freezing cold ice water. I know it can’t be avoided, so I just brace myself and prepare for the shock. Like the car accident I was in a few weeks ago. I saw it coming and knew there was no way around it…I just braced myself for impact.

Bracing for impact is one way to prepare for the season, but I’m determining to not do it  that way this year. I think there might be a better way, and I’m certain it has to do with listening.  Hearing not only with our physical ears, but our spiritual ears as well.

When I can, I’ll hit the pause button. And so can you. There will be parties, and noise, and lots and lots of sugar.  But there will also be some moments of silence. Some will come as gracious and timely gifts from God.  Others will need to be planned. Whether by accident or purposeful planning, remember to hear what Christmas is really all about.

Christ came near. Two thousand plus years ago, He was born. Fully God and fully man.  He showed up…here, on earth, with us. This appearance as a baby was only the first step in drawing near to humanity. God came down and said, “Hello.  I really like you people.  Not only do I want to come as one of you, but I desire to make a bridge so that we can be together for all of eternity.” His first coming was a major statement that He wants to be near us now and always.


It’s amazing to me that so many of us live with constant nagging thoughts that we’re not good enough. We are loved far beyond what we realize. He left heaven, made Himself nothing, was crucified on a cross, and later rose from the grave. He did all of that to be near us.

Even when Christ ascended back to heaven He promised He would not leave us alone. He sent us the Holy Spirit instead.  AMAZING!  We are able to be as intimate with God as we choose to be.

God came near as a baby so that He could come nearer now.

He is our friend and brother. He understands us because He was one of us. Jesus still possesses both man and God qualities. Do you have doubts? Feel free to ask Him to reveal the truth to you.  I promise, He will.

If the sounds of Christmas begin to grow too loud this Christmas, I encourage you to hit pause and remember that Jesus is right next to you. Listen to what He wants to say to you. If He lives inside of you, He’s ready to speak His truths right into your heart as you hear with your spirit ears. Scripture promises that if we seek Him we WILL find him.

2000+ years ago God placed a star in the sky to lead men to Him. Maybe this year He’ll send you on a spirit-led hunt for His presence!


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