Seasons Change – An Introvert’s Perspective

It felt like forever.  Not in a bad way necessarily.  I worked hard to enjoy the season as best I could.  But I’m an introvert.  No, I’m not shy;  I’m an introvert.  The main distinction between an introvert and extrovert is how they energize.  Extroverts are energized by being with people.  Introverts are energized by being alone.   I don’t always know when the scale will tip, but after a while ~ noise, commotion, and conversation wear on my soul like fingernails on a chalkboard. Too much screeching and it becomes clear it’s time for a mommy time-out.


By time-out, I mean doing pretty much anything alone.  And by alone I do mean…without any people.


15.5 years.  That’s a long time.  It’s the amount of time I’ve been a stay at home Mom with little kids in my nest.  This fall my youngest started Kindergarten and just like that.  Poof.  Silence. A silence we’ve never experienced before.  Sure, there have been moments here or there, but never day after day quiet.


I’m going through a form of culture shock.


Seasons change.  My emotions have been all over the place.   Thirty minutes after I dropped Owen off the first day I thought “I need a puppy.”  It wasn’t quite the happy dance I thought I’d be doing, but as they days pass I’m adjusting.  There are more satisfied moments than sad ones.  Next week… maybe next week I’ll do a happy dance.

So..what am I going to do with all this time anyway?


First of all I’ve had to realize that I don’t actually have that much more time….I just have more quiet while I’m showering, running errands, cleaning, running a ministry & business,  etc.  I’ve had to remind myself of this so that I don’t overestimate what I can do and end up frustrated.

Secondly, I’m being renewed in focus and purpose.  It’s amazing what one can dream about when there’s more time to do so.

I’ve taken a couple personality tests and been encouraged with the results.  You know that feeling when you dream about doing something, but then you think that dream is probably not ever going to happen?  Interestingly enough…some of the very things I have dreamt about doing are also things my personality profile says I’d be drawn to.  Who knew?  I’m amazed that God wrote some of His dreams for me right into my very personality type.  Not only has He called me…but He’s literally marked my personality DNA by them.




What about you?  What are some dreams you’ve had?  Did you realize that you’re probably made for those dreams in more ways that one?  Not only has God possibly called you, but He’s also created you…even on a cellular level…for the dreams that He has placed in your heart.


Take a minute, or an hour, or a weekend.  Take some time to deeply breathe God’s rest, His presence, His comfort.  Take some time…enough time to allow the distractions and the noise in your life to become more silenced.  In that quiet…I believe you just might hear a word or a whisper.  You might hear something that is so fun and exciting that it may surprise you.  So often we’re afraid to turn down the noise because we’re nervous that the voice we hear will be punishing or condemning. Let me assure you friends…that is not the voice of God.  He speaks gently and kindly.

The more that you listen, the more you will hear and the more you hear the more you will want to hear.


The promises and dreams He will speak to your heart will only bring vision, life, and joy.


I’m praying for you today!  I’m praying that you can slow down, listen, and hear the voice of the one who knows you best and created you to walk a more fulfilling life than you could possibly imagine!


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