We Will Laugh

There are things we take seriously in this life that we’ll laugh at in the next.

 Everyone who’s put their hope in what Jesus did for them through His crucifixion and resurrection is destined for an eternity in heaven that is incomprehensible.  None of us can even imagine what it will be like to live day after day after day after day in the presence of God (Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus)  and with every believer throughout all of history and time.  I think we can gain glimpses and revelation of what Heaven will be like, but until we are permanently in our eternal home, we are left to read, imagine and dream about what it will be like.

 Some of the things we find important on earth are not going to matter to us at all in Heaven.  Here is a list of five things.  Five things we take seriously now….that we will laugh together about in Heaven.


1) Denominationalism

This is number one for a reason.  I honestly believe this will be the first thing we will laugh about.  We’re going to laugh because remembering how divisive we were is actually going to seem quite funny in light of the perfect unity we will eternally dwell in.  Think about it.  We will not be “Baptist” or “Lutheran” or “Pentecostal” or any other specific name.  We will be “The Bride of Christ”  Period.  End. Of. Story. There will be no differences in theology. We will know fully even as we are fully known. We will love and be loved perfectly.  There will be no relational insecurities, jealousy or miss-trust.  We will honor and deeply appreciate everyone as we spend eternity getting to know one another better.  Our individual worship style will be as unique as we are, but our unity in worship will be unparalleled to anything we experienced on earth.


2) Gender-ationalism

Yes.  I just made that word  up.  I’m referring to the debate in the Church about the roles of Men and Women.  Come on now…do you really think there will be any debate in Heaven about weather a woman can teach?  Or what it means to submit?  Nope. None. Nada.  I only hear laughing….very hysterical laughing.


3) Stress about lack

We will laugh at how much we stressed over finances and time.  These two things will not be an issue in eternity.   There’s no lack in heaven.  We will have all the time and resources to do whatever we desire to do no matter what the cost or the amount of time it might take. Hallelujah!


4) Loss and grief

There is nothing funny about loss in this life.  Most of the time our reaction is anything from sadness to deep mourning.  However, in eternity, we will be stunned by how deeply we grieved the loss of our brothers and sisters who graduated to Heaven.


5) Thoughts that heaven will be boring

Heaven is going to be everything except boring.   We will laugh and laugh about our ideas of heaven being a place with nothing to do except sit around and sing with angels with harps on clouds.  Heaven is going to be the ultimate experience and it will last for ever and ever.  It will be incredible fun.  Check out this video if you have ever thought otherwise.





2 thoughts on “We Will Laugh

  1. Pam,
    This is so wonderful thank you for sharing! Would you mind if I shared it with a committee in my church?
    We are in the midst of a debate about the direction of our church regarding denomination and gender issues.
    A little laughter and perspective will be good for us!
    Love you to you,



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