It’s Easy

Our perspective and God’s are sometimes worlds apart from each other.  Our minds say, “There is no way I can do this.”   He says, “I’ll back you up.  I know you can.”  Gideon’s story in Judges chapter six is the perfect example.  God asked Gideon to do the impossible. “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?”


I can’t think of a time where I felt God was asking me to do something I felt qualified for.  Most of the time my response has been the same as Gideon, “Pardon me, my Lord…how can I….?”  That included campus ministry, leading mission trips, bold evangelism, overseeing a counseling ministry, and then pioneering a women’s conference ministry.  Last May at our Unearthing Destinies conference He again asked me for something that I did not see coming.  He asked me, “How would you like to do this every week?”  “What do you mean?” I questioned. “Plant a church” He answered. 


I am living proof that God is not looking for the naturally qualified.  He is looking for those who are willing to volunteer and say, “Yes” no matter the cost.  This next step feels bigger to me than anything else thus far, but at the same time I have a great peace.  I know that if Jesus is asking me to plant a church, then He will back me up in it. It might even be fun.  If heaven is not burdened, nervous, or afraid, then I don’t need to be either.  In fact, I believe that God is joyful, full of hope, and ready to move in a mighty way as we agree to align with His heavenly plan. 


In 2011 during a lunch break at a women’s conference a wonderful woman on the ministry team prayed for me.  As she placed her hand on me she began to say over and over, “It’s easy….it’s easy….it’s easy.”  The spirit of the Lord came upon me in a powerful way.  I actually laid down on the ground under the heaviness of His presence as this revelation was imparted.  There is no strain or worry or fear in heaven.  Everything is easy.  I’m learning to partner with God because when I fully depend on Him, it is indeed easy. 


This past week I attended a Global Awakening conference on healing.  I think sometimes we complicate the supernatural.  We see a healing minister on a platform and separate ourselves from them.  The simple truth of the gospel is that each one of us is commissioned to do the greater works that Jesus said we would do.  The difficult part is taking the risk, the easy part follows when God answers our faith with the miraculous. 


Knowing that God is going to back us up is half the battle.  It gives us confidence to step out and obey.  Gideon received requested confirmation and great supernatural assurance that God would be with him.  In the natural it was an impossible task, but are those not the only kind God calls His people to perform?  If it was easy in the natural we might get bored and find entertainment somewhere else.  Life in the kingdom is a constant experience of adventure. 


There are great principles in the story of Gideon.  He asked for confirmation more than one time, and God answered his request. When the Lord spoke to me about planting a church, I thought I might be crazy or hearing voices.  The first thing I did was ask for confirmation.  Within a week, someone who didn’t know from me what God had spoken, boldly said, “God is calling you to plant a church.”  It was the exact confirmation I had asked for.


I love that God uses ordinary people.  He uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.  He uses a tiny army of bold men to defeat a much larger army of more equipped warriors.  This is our God.  He is the God of the impossible.  


Is there something God has asked you to do that feels impossible?  Remember today that He will be faithful to confirm the call, and back you up in every battle you face.  He is the God of the impossible.  What looks difficult to us is easy for God.  He will confirm His word to you as you take a risk and obey His voice.  From heaven’s perspective it’s easy.



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