It’s one thing to be honest with my self about how I view God’s character, but it’s another to invite friends into the process and ask their opinions.   Alicia’s assignments  have been tools to help probe deeper into my God concept than I’d gone before.  Up until now it’s all been about what I think  my God concept is, but this past week our assignment was to invite others into the process. 

I loved my Dad’s response, “This has to be challenging for you to take this risk.”  Thank you Dad for acknowledging that! 

Yes, there is some risk in asking others questions like, “Have you ever felt there was a hole or weakness in my God-concept? If so where?”

Asking others to evaluate anything personal can be a huge risk.  I remember one time I asked a friend to help me with my son’s picky eating habits.  The next time she observed his 100th meal of pepperoni and a popsicle, she asked me, “Is that door still open?” to which I immediately responded, “NO!”  We had a good laugh and I did call her later to seek her wisdom.   Much of my spiritual growth is marked by times that trusted friends have spoken the truth in love to me.

So far in this interview process there have not been any surprises…my friends answers have supported what I knew about my God concept.  

 The idea of interviewing friends about any issue in my life is what I’m taking away from this weeks assignment.  I’m thinking of many other areas that I could seek to have evaluated more often from trusted friends.  I’m reminded how important we are to one another, and that true growth happens in the context of healthy, loving, relationships.

Thank you Jesus for trusted, wise, and loving friends.  Thank you that we are not alone!



One thought on “Interview

  1. pam

    i never would’ve thought about doing that “asking” others about my god concept. interesting. i like “True growth happens in the context of healthy loving relationships.” amen to that sister. thanks.

    love suzee B


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