All You Need Is…..

The 7TH year devotional this past week  gave me the shivers.  Alicia Chole’s diction of truth always strikes a chord.  She can say a lot in a few words.  This week was no different.

She discovered a truth in the Parable of the Sower and the Parable of the Weeds.  Did you ever notice there are actually two seeds that live?  Alicia writes:

“Both seeds lived: one constricted by thorns and the other freed to multiply.”

There are two ways to live:  inward or outward focused.  I’m not referring to the selfishness we struggle with daily, but the choice that is before each of us to live outward – abandoned to the cross or inward – for our own selfish gain.  One seed grew but was choked by the weeds – the other multiplied. 

As I’m praying and developing my personal inventory (areas of focus for my life) I’m reminded of  the priority to love.   At the end of my life it will not matter what profound things I’ve said, miracles that have happened through my hands, or accomplishments I’ve made if I have not loved.  It will not matter how many books I’ve read, prophetic words I’ve given, or degrees I’ve earned.  If I have not loved well I will have missed the main point of what Jesus commissioned me to do. 


Love awakens me to putting others first and disables me from selfishness.  Every eternal purpose I have in Christ will be fulfilled by love.  Knowing He loves me and sharing His love with others.  It really is just that simple.  He loves me, I love Him, and together we are a force of love to a lost, broken, and hurting world desperately in need of and seeking one thing:


A friend of mine sent me a text this week.  All it said was, “Love You!!!”  Honestly it stopped me in my tracks.   The love of God poured through her text to me in that moment.  I sat still and soaked it in for several minuets.

The Love of God is real and tangible.  At any moment of any day if He could send me a text it would say, “Love You!!!….You’re doing great…..I’m so proud of you….”

I want His love to govern my life and bring multiplication beyond what I could  ever think, ask, or imagine.  He’s such a good Daddy. 

“[Love Fulfills the Law] Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”
Romans 13:8 NIV





4 thoughts on “All You Need Is…..

  1. p.

    i have never seen this before, that both seeds lived! but such a difference. bringing us straight to the fact and feet of LOVE. it’s why i love the beatles so much! god used them whether they knew or even yet know it. “and in the end, the LOVE you take is equal to the LOVE you make” “LOVE is all you need” etc.

    suzee B


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