Seasons Change

I’m constantly blown away by the love of God.  He loves me beyond imagination just as I am.  He’s fully pleased and filled with joy over me right now.  At the same time He loves me enough to help me grow and change.  He is constantly helping me overcome bad habits, soften rough edges, so that I’m more like Him.   I love when I can look back and realize that I’ve changed.  I’m not the same person I was a year ago or ten years ago.  I’m more loving, kind, and maybe a tinny bit more patient.  More importantly, I understand my Father’s love for me in increasing ways the longer I’m on this journey with Him. 

Because He loves me and I love Him, my desire is to change and become more like Him.

The focus for this week of the 7th year is to list personal growth goals.   

Our family is heading abruptly into a new season this week.  My husband will be heading back to the camp we manage to un-winterize buildings and prepare for a group that is coming in a few weeks.  When he is away my life looks a lot different.  Being a single parent is not enjoyable, but it does provide A LOT of opportunity for personal growth.  Not necessarily the kind of opportunity I enjoy, but growth none the less.    We went through this in the fall when Greg was winterizing the camp.  It’s still a blur, but I do remember that I had to focus on one day at a time.  I worked at not getting overwhelmed or feeling sorry for my self.   If I head that down the path of self-pity I’ll sink into a miry pit; the kind that takes a lot of work to get out of. 

God has already been speaking to me that it’s going to be OK.  He has grace for us all during this time.  

These are my personal goals for this short season:

1) Breathe.  I know, it sounds obvious, but I do remember this fall literally reminding my self to stop and take deep breaths.  When I inhale I also focus on Jesus and taking in more of His life and strength.

2) Pace my self and ask for help.  We are working on another Unearthing Destinies conference that is right around the corner in May.  I can easily get sucked into busy work.  I’m praying that I will hear from the Holy Spirit what tasks are most important each day and trust Him with the rest. I also want to be better at delegating and asking for help when I need it.

3) Enjoy the Sun.  It’s easy for me to focus on working and forget to go outside on a walk or to the park with my kids.  I’m determined to NOT to work ALL the time.  My goal is to get out side for at least 15 minuets each day and enjoy the Sun. 

4) Make time to fellowship with Jesus.  This is a challenge in normal life, but even more when I’m on my own.  I’m learning that when I really need quiet time it’s OK to go in my room and lock the door.  Two of my children still follow me around like ducks and don’t like to be shut out, but I’ve realized if I’m not centered and filled up spiritually we will all suffer from the lack.  Fellowship with Him is my lifeline to joy and peace. 

I loved this part of a prayer that Alicia crafted for us to pray before we did this exercise:

” I acknowledge that it requires little self-discipline to rush passionately toward the future.  Strengthen me to slow down and walk in purposeful partnership with you into tomorrow and the days beyond…” 

Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus!

I also keep my spirit alive by listening to worship music as much as possible.  Enjoy this video of one of my current favorite worship songs.





One thought on “Seasons Change

  1. i loved the fireworks in that song! i turned it up loud and it MOVED me. thank you, pammy.
    may the force be with you as you are single parenting!!!!
    you know HE will be.
    suzee B


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