Timeline Sovereignty

We have officially began our 7Th year journey.  (Click here for details  if you missed my post last week).  Designating time for my own personal spiritual growth is always my desire but not always my reality.  My heart longs to sit at His feet, but living in a small home filled with young energetic children and ministry demands sometimes quenches hope for peace and quiet.  Now I don’t have an excuse.  I’m committed to blog about my experience and I’m sharing it with  good trusted friends.  Kathi, Missy, Pam and I won’t be meeting in person each week, but we’ll be in touch and when schedules allow, getting together for coffee.   We are peers in ministry and I’m excited to discover more about Jesus and my friends as we take this journey together.  Perhaps I’ll even get them to contribute some posts now and then. 

The Time Line – Week One

I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by this weeks exercise.  I’m not very crafty or organized and didn’t know how much time it would take.  I wasn’t completely sure what tracing paper was, but thankfully it was easy to find and on sale at the craft store.    In this exercise we were to draw a timeline and mark  dates that the government or insurance companies would be aware of.  Marriages, deaths, divorces, births, etc.  I don’t know where this is going, but already I’m seeing the sovereign hand of God at work.    


I was amazed by how few things I had to mark on my timeline.  I’ll be 39 years old this summer.  I’ve only lived in three towns my entire life, my parents never divorced, and I’ve held very few jobs.  In August my husband and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage, meaning I’ll have been married more than half of my life.  All in all it’s been a very stable existence for me.  There was the death of my Mom in 2005, which still pains me, but for the most part life has been steady except for those normal bumps most of us go through. 

 Isaiah 61:11 has been a theme verse for me the past several months.

11 “For as the soil makes the sprout come up
   and a garden causes seeds to grow,
so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness
   and praise spring up before all nations.”

The sovereignty of God blows my mind.  This past summer I saw it at work in a powerful way as my husband and I ended up managing a camp that is very significant to us both.  It is where I met Jesus and Greg.  We got engaged and married at this camp and spent many summers working there.  After the birth of our son (who was conceived at camp 🙂 ) we didn’t return to work there until this past summer (12 years later).

I don’t know how God does it.  How does He work His plan in our lives? Where does the sovereignty of God end and our free will begin?  It’s a constant mystery to me.  There is tension in the two, but for now I’m at rest knowing that it’s nearly impossible for me to mess up the good plans He has in store.  Looking at my timeline is affirmation of this truth to me.  I know there will be trials and tribulations before my life is completed, but I fully trust my Father will work his good, loving, kind, and sovereign plan into it all.


5 thoughts on “Timeline Sovereignty

  1. God’s sovereignty is a challenge for me to. Your question, “Where does the sovereignty of God end and our free will begin?” is a good one that has divided churches, families and friends. Personally, there’s too many verbs in the Bible for me to believe that our response or non-response to God is just pre-programed.

    I love the 7Th Year stuff…



  2. Pam,
    As a Christian, do you believe Christians still have free will? In becoming a Christian we declare that our life is His to do with it what He wills. We may make decisions throughout our life, but that is purely because He asks us to make one. If we have any notion that our free will to choose which direction our lives may go still exists, then have we given our lives to Him at all? I can’t help but wonder how many decisions I have not made because His sovereign hand removed even the chance that I might make it.

    Consider it this way. If our lives were a tree, each branch a decision made or to be made sometime in the future. If God is our gardener, the arborist, then our acceptance of His salvation is a declaration that we are His to trim and train. His first action is to pull on His gloves and pull out the snippers. Snip, you don’t get to make that decision anymore. Snip, I can not allow you the opportunity to even encounter that decision. Snip, that would have been a painfull decision. Hmmmm, it will be interesting to see what you do at this decision point, both paths can be promising for you….and He moves on.

    His sovereign hand is what allows or removes the decisions and paths we travel upon. Our will is no longer free, but planned. We are allowed to encounter the inflection points only because He allows them.

    Just some thoughts from a rambling mind.

    God bless.


    • HI Aaron,
      I do belive that Christians still have a free will. I like your description of our lives being like a tree. The yielded Christian will hear God’s voice and follow the guidance of the Holy spirit. I believe that only in Heaven will we grasp a full understanding of how God’s soverign plan and our free will worked together. I think this also brings up the question, “Can someone loose their salvation?” These are big issues, and it’s likely that there will be disagreements in the church because there are scriptures that can be used to support both answers. Thanks for commenting!


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