52 Weeks Of Intimacy

I’m interrupting my regular scheduled blogging to  bring an important announcement.

A few weeks ago on facebook  a leader I have great respect for was looking for some bloggers to blog their way through an e-journey she’s created.    Alicia Chole’s goal is to create sustainable long-term  intimacy in the participant’s spiritual walk.  I didn’t know a lot about “the 7Th year” (that’s what the e-journey is called) but the idea of possibly growing my blog audience ( ashamedly) did pique my interest.  After learning what the 7Th year  was about I submitted my blog and was chosen as an official “7Th year blogger.”

What does this mean? 

I will continue to blog in my normal format, but I’ve also committed to blog once a week during my 52 week journey through the 7TH year project.  I want to invite you to join me in this journey!  Read about the 7Th year here: http://the7thyear.squarespace.com/  and consider if this is a fit for you.  It might be an answer to your own longing for deeper and more consistent intimacy with Jesus.  My group is going to begin around the 14TH of February….you can form a group or do it on your own.   Let me know if  you decide to sign up.  I’d love to stay in touch with others who take this step.   I’m feeling the wooing of the Holy Spirit already and anticipating increased depth and intimacy with Jesus as I take time to reflect and write about each weeks lesson. 

We will soon return to our regular, scheduled, but not exactly the same,  blog……


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