All Or Nothing

Breath-taking, jaw dropping, emotional, spiritual, terrifying, and prophetic.  Honestly, I’ve never watched a video that has amazed me like this. 

Click on this link to watch:

Biggest Teahupoo Ever Shot On the Phantom Camera

Stunning isn’t it?  Stunning as in your completely stunned when you watch it.  I’m not sure what was more shocking to me.  The beauty, majesty, and grandeur of the waves, or the fact that these guys actually attempted to surf them.

You won’t catch me anywhere near a wave that size.  I wonder if any of the surfers got injured when they were swallowed up by those gigantic walls of water.  Where did they disappear to and how did they survive? 

To me, this video shows a prophetic picture of life in the kingdom of God.  These are the parallels I see:

1) Jesus has challenged us to live all out for Him.  These surfers had to fully commit to riding those waves.  Once they got on the wave there was no turning back.  When Jesus called His disciples they left everything to follow Him.   They got on the wave and rode it the rest of their lives.  Jesus has asked His followers to put their hands to the plow and take up a cross.  He warned that those who seek to save their lives will lose it and promised those who lose their lives will find it.

2) The waves reminded me of the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, or a move of God.   Isaiah, John, and others in scripture had encounters with the Lord that filled them with holy terror.   I had a dream one time that Greg and I were sitting on the edge of the beach.  We were hit by three waves, each one increasing in momentum and strength.  I remember thinking that the third one was going to completely wipe us out, I feared we would not survive.  There have been times in the presence of God I have felt the same way.  His presence was so strong I could not move under its weight. 

3) Onlookers might have accused the surfers of being insane or out of their minds for surfing such ginormous and “dangerous” waves.  I’ve been called similar names as a follower of Jesus.   Eternal life is not lived simply for the pleasures in this one. Those with temporal mindsets can’t understand why anyone would sacrifice for what seems to be intangible hope.   

I’m thinking those surfers had the time of their lives that day.  There was no other place they wanted to be except on those waves.  I’m never going to surf waves like that in the natural, but I’m ready to surf on the waves of God’s spirit.  No turning back, fully committed, all or nothing.


2 thoughts on “All Or Nothing

    • I’m not really “leading a group” either Jen…I’m just going to meet occassionally with some ministry peers for coffee and discuss what we are learning. I am considering if I could possibly lead another group that could include more people and be done some what virtually…like as a facebook chat thingy. Would you possibly be interested in that? We could work something out to meet in person too, but we will be gone all summer, so the virtual thing might work really well too…I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, check out the web site and pray about doing this….let me know what you think.


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