Tebow Believer/ Bieber Fever

Recently I watched the documentary about Justin Beiber’s rise to fame.  Never Say Never  was inspiring.  Seeing Justin Bieber as a very young child drumming and singing with such incredible skill reveals  he was born with God-given talent.  His rise to fame was quick and immense.  I can only imagine what a wild ride this has been for Justin, his parents, and friends.   Going from an average kid to one of the most popular pop stars in record time can come with some stress (I’m sure).  My heart is stirred to pray for him that he will always honor God with all that’s been given to him. 

Another person that has suddenly risen to fame is Tim Tebow, QB for the Denver Broncos.  Tebow has shown some skill on the field, but more than that people seem to be enamored with who he is.  Read Rick Reilly’s article about Tebow and learn how Reilly went from being a cynic to a true believer in Tim Tebow as a man, not a football player.  Reilly’s article points out that Tebow is the real deal in our out of the spot light.

Both of these men are inspiring.  Beiber is using his talent, living his dream, and encouraging others to do the same.  Tebow is not self-absorbed, but giving to the least of these.  I’m certain Beiber and Tebow have greater chapters yet to be written in their stories, adventures to be had, and impact to be made.  History will reveal how they finish their race, and I hope they both bring glory to Jesus.

We don’t get to choose what talents we’re born with, just what we do with them.   The parable of the bags of gold in Matthew 25   is the best illustration of this truth.  It wasn’t how many bags of gold the servants were given that mattered, it was what they did with them.  In this parable the master was pleased with those who invested their gold and made it multiply, but those who held on to their gold and did nothing were condemned. 

Any talent or influence we have is from God.    What we do with it has eternal consequences.  The best thing we can do is be faithful and invest ourselves in eternal purposes, so that when our King returns He will be pleased and bring a reward.  Joy and fulfillment are found in giving everything we have been given back to the risen Lamb who is worthy.

Matthew 25:23

23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

Prayer: Lord Jesus help me be faithful with what you have given me.  Teach me how to invest my talents and gifts in a way that will multiply your kingdom and bring glory to your name.  Protect me from greed, lust, and pride.   You who alone are worthy of all my sacrifice.


One thought on “Tebow Believer/ Bieber Fever

  1. right on, pam
    greed and pride are big bad weapons from the dark side.
    i like a quote, from elizabeth goudge, author.
    “god shield us from partings, hobgoblins and tears,
    god SAVE us from demons and dangers and fears . . . .”

    thanks so so much for your posts, every one i’ve read nails it!

    write on!

    suzee B


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