Highly Favored

There are a few things I can never get enough of: 

God’s presence

His Love

The Holy Spirit

The Word of God

and The Favor of God.

Favor is defined as, “a (1) : friendly regard shown toward another especially by a superior (2) : approving consideration or attention :”

Amazing things happen when we have God’s favor on our lives.  Doors open, needs are supplied, and a lost world hears and encounters truth.

My life has been marked with the favor of God.  I was reading  Luke 1 (over and over lately) and was struck with the greeting Gabriel gave  Mary, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” vs.28

I can’t help but wonder what this encounter was like for Mary.  My favorite part is her response.    “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.”  vs.38

God choose her to carry and birth the Son of God, to care for Him while He was young, and then ultimately give Him back to the Father. 

 That is some amazing favor.  No other person was asked.  She’s the only one with that privilege.

We have all been given a similar privilege though.  The Father has commissioned each of us to be carriers of His life and Love and to share it with a lost world. 

He has favored us as well.  Too often we underestimate the favor He’s given us.  Satan lies  that we are not worthy to be used by God.  Fear takes over.  When we believe His invidious lies or cave to fear we’re robed from the blessing of God’s favor. 

If we realized how much favor we could have we would ask for it all the time.  It’s a real substance…almost like His presence.  I’m a glutton for  favor.  It’s my most frequent and unapologetic prayer.  “God increase your favor in my life and ministry.”  I can’t seem to have enough.  I refuse to stop asking, because as I gain greater favor with God and man doors open and His kingdom advances.

I’m willing to lay my life down, to obey the call of God at any cost.  Mary was willing and it was an invitation for favor. 

This is my challenge to you today….be willing and ask for more favor. 

I heard a Pastor say “There’s a lot of unused favor out there” 

Let’s not waste what God has given. 

Prayer: “Lord forgive me for believing the lies of the enemy.  Help me to overcome all fears and  trust that your favor is upon my life.  Open my eyes to see the specific ways you want to increase favor in my life, and help be willing to obey at any cost.”


2 thoughts on “Highly Favored

  1. Pam!
    Thanks for this yummy morsel from the Father’s hand. You are a blessing in my life and always a friend with a very timely Word. I LOVE the insight into Mary’s life… and her answer… so humble, so beautiful…

    Peace to you my friend during this season of encountering His Presence in refreshing and joyful ways.
    Love to you,


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