Got Oil?

Remember the  “Got Milk ?” campaign?  I want to start a new one, “Got Oil?”.   In the natural world oil is becoming more and more valuable by the minute.  In the spiritual realm oil is a priceless commodity.  The parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25 reveals our need to get oil before the midnight hour.  Those who had extra oil for their lamps were invited into the wedding feast while those who ran out were not.  So what is this oil and how do we get it?

 The oil in the parable represents readiness.  This is an hour ( I believe ) for us to get ready for what Jesus is about to do.  His return is nearing, and we must have oil in our lamps when He comes.  Getting oil is not instant or cheep.  We cannot depend on others to give us their oil, we must find our own supply.  In the natural, deep wells are drilled to get oil.  In our own lives, oil comes as we go deep with Jesus.  We are drilling for spiritual oil when we obey God, spend time in His word, prayer, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  Want oil? Say yes to Him.  Over and over again, say yes.  Your oil lamp will never burn out if you continue to say yes.

Click this link to read the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:

Prayer: Jesus, more than anything, I desire to be ready when you come back.  Help me to keep oil in my lamp.  Teach me to fully obey you,  wait on you, and  meditate on how much you love me.  Help me not become distracted, but earnestly desire more of you in my life.  There is nothing better than abiding in your presence.  Teach me to fellowship with you  throughout the day and always keep you in front of me.  Guide me  with your loving hand, and help others  be attracted to you by what they see in me.  Amen.


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