It Matters

I enjoyed taking some photos on our drive from Billings to Bozeman yesterday.  There was a great contrast  in the way the bright sun was shining behind the dark clouds.  Light and Dark are always an interesting contrast.  In Photography it makes for interesting photos.  In literature  a plot is often built around the tensions between light (good) and dark (bad).  In reality we live in the midst of light and dark and get to choose each day if we will live in the light and be light to others.

It matters how we live our life.  The choices we make each day will affect those around us, our future destiny, and our eternity.  If we sow corruption, dishonesty, and selfishness, we will  reap the consequences of our choices.  On the flip side, if we sow generously, love others, and walk in obedience to God’s word we will reap immeasurable blessings.

Looking at our world today I would say there’s a growing contrast between light and dark.  It  seems like the light is getting brighter and the darkness is growing darker.  Jesus is the light of the world.  His light will never grow dim.  He invites us to walk in the light with Him.  Darkness flees in the presence of light.  If there is any area of darkness inside of us, it will diminish as we invite Jesus to shine His light in and though us.  Sometimes it hurts when the light exposes the darkness, but it also brings freedom, healing, salvation, and great joy.

If you are a believer in Jesus I encourage you to allow God’s light to shine in and through you today.  If you are looking for light, I encourage you to look at Jesus.  He is full of light.

Isaiah 60:1-3

 1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come,
   and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.
2 See, darkness covers the earth
   and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the LORD rises upon you
   and his glory appears over you.
3 Nations will come to your light,
   and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

Prayer: Lord Jesus fill me with your light today.  Teach me to love your light and to be light to others.  I pray that your light will shine and break forth into the earth at this time bringing release from darkness for the prisoners and setting captives free.  Help many to be drawn to your light in this hour.


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