Renew Hope

My friend Regan posted on her facebook wall yesterday, “I woke with a hope that isn’t hinged on my circumstances.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about hope this week.  Partly because I’m going to speak on hope at our Unearthing Destinies event next Saturday, and partly because I feel like it’s a current topic on God’s heart.  I can’t imagine trying to go through life without hope.  Depression, desperation, and a sick heart would result.  Hope is what floats our boat,  without it we’ll sink into the depths of despair.

I’ve been through many seasons of  hopelessness, but lately Jesus has been renewing and restoring lost hope with in me.  Because He lives and reigns, there is always hope.  Corrie Ten Boom ( a woman who survived a concentration camp in WWII ) said, “There is no pit so deep that Jesus isn’t deeper still.”  Sometimes it’s at the bottom of a pit  we gain revelation of  hope. 

My hope is renewed when I put my focus on the one who brings hope and is hope.

Psalm 25:3  (NIV)
No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame.

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for renewing my hope over and over.  You are hope.  Help me to deliver your hope to others.  Save and rescue those who are in the pits of despair today.   Open our eyes to see you and  hope in your awesome name.


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