Ask And You Will Receive

I went on a mission trip to Kosovo in August of 2009.  The theme was “Operation Fountains Of Love”.    Each time we’ve traveled to Kosovo the Lord has given my cohort Becky and I very clear directions on what the trip is to be about.  In 2009 we felt that we were to go to a specific park, take communion, sing “God of this City”, and pray.

Last night when Becky was at a prayer meeting she felt like the Lord told her to get up, go call me, and tell me that there is a new fountain in that park now.  She was there in October and saw the fountain, but had not shared with me about it before last night.   At first I had no idea why God would have her get up from a prayer meeting and call me about this news.  It hit me later.  I had prayed for a physical sign, even a fountain, to be put in the park to demonstrate what we had prayed and declared over the nation.  A reminder that God hears our prayers and answers!  I can’ t wait to go back in July and see it. 

Today I will walk in greater faith, knowing that He hears me when I pray according to His will.  He’s a big God that does big things through little people.

This is a crucial hour for the Church (God’s People) to be praying for the Nations of the world.  He will show us which ones to pray for, and how to pray.  

He said to ask so let’s ask!

Psalm 2:8 (NAS)

8‘Ask of Me, and (N)I will surely give (O)the nations as Your inheritance,
         And the very (P)ends of the earth as Your possession.

Lord Jesus, thank you that you can use our prayers to affect cities and nations.  I pray that you would increase our faith  to ask you for more than we have before, to believe your word is true, and receive your divine strategies in praying over our world.  Show us how to pray.


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