Greatest Pursuit

I love Love. I’m not always the best at giving it, but I do believe in its value.  I heard a great message yesterday from a man who was preparing to go on the mission field.  He was sharing a story about doing street ministry to prostitutes in Brazil.  The desire of his heart was to see God move miraculously in their lives through healings and prophetic words.  Continuously while on the street he was seeking God to “show His power” .  And then he heard God say something to his heart.  “If your faith outgrows your love, you risk being like those I cast away on that Day ( Matthew 25:40-44).”

Ever since that time this man has pursued love and compassion.  He see’s lots of miracles, but his main pursuit is to be like Jesus and love first. 


Faith, Hope, and Love exist.  It’s our choice how we pursue and develop them in our lives.  If we pursue Love the most we will truly accomplish seeing God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

1 Corinthians 13:13 “…but the greatest of these is Love.”

Prayer: Father, you are Love.  Help me to pursue Love more than anything else.  I don’t deserve your love, yet you freely give it to me.  Help me to freely give your love to those that desperately need it today.


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