Losing To Win

Sports teams and athletes train in hopes of winning.  Skiing at Red Lodge yesterday took me back to my ski racing days.  I didn’t win many races, but I trained hard hoping to place well.  No one likes to come in last.  I’ll never forget a track meet in high school where I experienced last place.  It was a two-mile varsity race that my coach felt I was ready for my freshman year.  I was not ready, which was proved when every runner lapped me.  I ran the last lap all alone because my mom taught me to never quit.   Even with my training, I was not prepared to compete at the varsity level. 

Life in the kingdom of God is like training for a race too.  We train as we run, and at the finish line we will receive our prize.  Only it will not be the first who will win.   The kingdom is a paradox.  There is never gain without loss, exaltation without humility, or living without dying.  The best way we can train is to put others first, love our enemies, and follow Christs example.

Romans 12:2  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Prayer: Lord thank you for showing us what it looks like to  love others, respond in the opposite spirit, and walk in humility.  Help me today to put others first and to live by your example.


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