Lasting Love

I’ve been pondering with gratitude the many examples of lasting love I’ve seen recently.  Greg’s aunt and uncle celebrated their 60TH wedding anniversary in November.  It’s an inspiration for me to see this couple still  in love after 60 years. 

 My Dad held my Mom’s hand as she took her final breaths and stepped into eternity after 47 years of marriage.  They had a committment of “till death did they part.” 

 Yesterday at Wal-Mart I walked past an older gentleman buying some depends (aka: adult diapers).  He was on his cell phone asking which ones to buy.  I have to wonder if the person on the other end of the line was his wife, and if he is now taking care of her?

During my photo shoot with the Nevins I could tell that Guy and Tanya haven’t grown cold in their 18 years of marriage.  As I watched them stare into each others eyes and share a kiss  I thought about how good love becomes over time.

My friend Joy has set up some birthday blessings for her husband who turned 60 this week.  They have been married for decades and their love is deep and caring. 

Greg and I just passed 18 years of marriage last summer.  I’m praying that we  follow in the footsteps of these friends and family,  that our love will deepen each year, and that we will continue to grow closer to God and each other. 

Some things do get better with age.

Romans 12:10
Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Prayer: Lord teach me to love more like you do.  Help me to love with your everlasting love, to be less selfish and to honor others above myself.  Thank you for being the perfect example of what it means to lay down my life in love.


3 thoughts on “Lasting Love

  1. Beautiful thoughts Pam. Marriage is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I am forever transformed into an entirely different person as a result of going the distance. I believe God had that in mind, knowing how hard it is for two to become one. A friend once told me that mountaineering is far different from hiking. Mountaineering is a climb where you reach the end of yourself and keep going anyway. If the analogy can be applied to marriage, I would say one keeps going because God takes the journey with us. And He saves great blessings for those who persevere.


  2. My eyes filled with tears as I read this post. Love so deep that it surpasses the amount of is the quality of time. These couples have embraced each moment. So grateful for the depth of love that Jesus has for us and the strength in His example.


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