Christmas bells are ringing…

Tiz the season for lots of activities; decorating, gift buying, gift making, and gift exchanging.  Most importantly it’s the time for remembering the gift of God’s son. 

 Speaking of gifts, Greg and I had a little time on our drive back from Grandma’s house the other day to write out our list of who we need to shop and make gifts for and what we have in mind for each person.  My husband is great at blessing others with gifts…i’d say he has a gift for gift giving.  There is time, effort, and lot’s of thought on his part to gift well.    Greg enjoys the hunt, sometimes spending hours looking for the right gift for someone.  I appreciate his gift giving gift as I am not the greatest gifter.  I love gifts, I love receiving them and giving them, I am just not always as gifted in gifting. 

My husband is an example of how the Father gives.  God gave His son sacrifically, specifically, and personally to each one of us.  Jesus left heaven to give us the gift of eternal life.  That is a gift worth remembering and commemorating at Christmas. 

Prayer: Open my eyes to see your gift of eternal life this Christmas in a fresh way, and help me to share your love and life with others.


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