Potty training

It’s that time again.  Potty training time.  When Owen took off his diaper and went outside a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was time.   I’m so thankful our last two children were pretty easy to potty train.  Child #4 has been the most challenging.  Owen is a very perceptive and intelligent child.  At two and a half he has more verbal skill than any of our kids had at this age.   What I am trying to say is that He is smart enough to know when and where to do his business,  but it’s been difficult to convince him that going in the potty really is best. 

 I’ve often related potty training to the renewing of the mind.  There has to be a change in the thought process.  And let’s face it, who likes to interrupt the fun they are having to go and take care of business?   Humm….I know some of us as adults can relate.  None of us would choose to go back to diapers, but what other “improvements” of our character , thoughts, or health have we held off on because it would be more work and less convienent? 

Thankfully my Father is way more patient that I am.  He is slow to anger and rich in love.   He will not give up hope after watching me fail for a couple of weeks.  He has more hope in me than I do in my self, and He is cheering me on, all the way to the finish line. 

Prayer: Lord help me to see Owen with your eyes and heart. Teach me to train and love him the way you do me.


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